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October 8th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Kiwanis, Musings, My Goals, Work

Isn’t that what everyone is talking about these days?  Although, if you’re not talking money, you’re talking Presidential campaign (I would hope so anyways!).

But, I’m certainly talking about money.  But to tell you the truth, since the late 90s when my husband and I had some really rough economic times, we’ve been living on a cash basis and saving up a storm.  Although my retirement funds are sliding downhill, and maybe I should be more nervous, I’m not.

Today, at a professional development day on my community college campus, the President had to report that it’s likely our Governor will slice up to 7% from our campus’s budget.  He gave suggestions on how we might work on this together, and still serve our students well.   I sat there thinking carefully about it all, and although I don’t recall all I said (that happens a great deal when I speak from my heart and soul), I offered the personal reflection that I wanted to stay optimistic and remember that I was really glad to have a job.  I think I also said something about survivors of many things will tell you that they way they survived was to find joy amongst the misery.  So I suggested that we all remember to smile and enjoy our work.

After I got home, I realized that while it is true my nature is to be optimistic, my sabbatical really showed me how many of the little things in life I take for granted and my life would be none the less rich if they were to disappear.  We, being those in my work community, not only have jobs, but we have food and clothes and all the extras like DVDs, and pencils and computers.  We have a long way to go before we are truly “without.”

So my take on this week’s economy down-slide is still an optimistic one.  I will continue to volunteer my time and energy in my community helping children through my membership in the Kiwanis club, and support my community and students in every way possible.  I have all I need and more today.  I know it’s not true for all, yet if those who have would support those who don’t, we will land on our feet at the bottom of the slide.

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  • ProfSharon

    Do stay in touch Phyllis. I’m guessing the financial picture is getting worse before it gets better.

  • Phyllis (Avalon Scenery)

    Sharon, could not agree with you more. I’m OK for now but watching those pennies. Take care. Will be in touch.

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