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53 and a duck

April 9th, 2014 · 1 Comment · 100 Days Project, College students, Education, family, Grandparents, Musings, My Goals, retirement, Work

Now that the announcements has been made of who has earned the title Professor Emeritus at my college, I have to admit I am disappointed that one of them is not me.  I knew it wouldn’t be; even if simply that it requires 15 years of service, and I only have 14 years in.  I guess I was dreaming that someone would write a heartfelt letter that I was responsible for the accreditation of our department, and for the work I did with students.  It was a dream; and as we all know, many dreams never come true.

Yet, as I feel disappointment, I  am proud of the work I’ve done on behalf of those students.  A constant devotion and time spent in one to one meetings, negotiating deadlines because I knew they could do it, but with a pregnancy and another young child, a single mom sometimes  just can’t make that deadline for that assignment.  The stories of these students trying to better their lives is endless.  I know I’ve made a difference.

In the end, it is my own heart and soul that reward me for my life’s work.  Like gramma said, “It’s water off a duck’s back, honey.  And you’d rather be dry anyways.”

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